Hi, I’m Miho and I’d like to think I’m the girl behind The Rolling Stones’ awesome song, She’s a Rainbow. But that’s quite impossible because 1) I was born 24 years after that song was recorded and 2) I comb my hair only when I go out.

Aside from discreetly singing in random places, I like taking pictures, reading and writing, doing arts and crafts, (window) shopping, listening to indie music, playing the piano, and dressing up. I was born with a pair of itchy feet (not literally), a sunny disposition in life, and really big dreams. I’m weird and quirky and happy 99% of the time.

This blog is mainly for pictures. Do visit http://suzukimiho.wordpress.com 'cause that's where I post more often.


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Caramoan 2012

I have not posted anything for many months now because of the tons of deadlines I had to meet as a graduating student. But now that I’m already a graduate (YAY), I’ll have more time for this plus my other blog, which I update more often.